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Why you should visit Gothenburg to dance Kizomba or Bachata!

The City of Gothenburg

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden after Stockholm. It has about 1 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area. It is a coast city with an ice-free port. The other Scandinavian capitals like Oslo, Norway, (3:20 by car) or Copenhagen, Denmark (3:20 by car/train) are nearby.

Gothenburg was founded as a heavily fortified, trading outpost by primarily protestant Dutch allies from King Gustav II Adolf from Sweden in 1621. Also protestant Scottish and German citizen helped built the city. Gothenburg was built by citizens form other European countries with permission of the Swedish Crown. So its link to Europe was built at this beginning.

Because of its North Sea coast, trading is playing a big role in Gothenburg history. The Swedish East India Company was founded in Gothenburg in 1731. It flourished the trading with China and Far East Asia. It was the beginning of internationalization of Gothenburg.

The city itself is quite beautiful with this old town with various place for sight seeing and with some boulevard for shopping.

gothenburg habour
Gothenburg habour

How is Social Dancing in Gothenburg?

Gothenburg has two main Social Dance Festivals during the year. Sweden Kizomba Festival 3rd Weekend in February and Crazy Lion Festival (Bachata and Kizomba Workshop) in 2nd Weekend May. Both festivals venue are in Ullevi Stadium in the City Centre next to the Main Train Station.

I was only two times at Sweden Kizomba Festival (status 2019).
So I can tell you only about that festival.  This Festival is organized by Greg Martin and Tania Manchin. It is a festival with around about 1000 participant. It is also the maximum number of participant who can take part of this festival. I have been there twice and it was sold out twice. So participant have to buy the ticket quickly if they want to attend the festival. Besides of the fact as well organized festival, it is also a reason why this festival is so loved is, because the organizers care about a balanced ratio between women and men.

  • The ratio between man and women is 46 % to 54 %. (source: organizer). It is quite good ratio for a Kizomba festival. When the Full pass is sold out it is sold out.
  • The most attendant come from Sweden and other Scandinavian countries like Norway and Denmark also few are from Finland, Germany, France and Poland.
  • They are special guest and taxi team form several different countries from Europe who join that festival.
Gothenburg Ullevi Stadium Party
Kizomba Party in Ullevi Stadium

Party and Social SKF 2019

If you want to practice your new move form the workshop you can do it at the social from 2 pm till 8 pm.

The party starts already on Friday and Saturday at 10 pm till 5 pm. If you want to dance more you can join the after party in the main hotel Spar hotel (10-15 min by walk) for free.
At the Party you have 2 different Kizomba rooms, urban-kiz and one classical Kizomba room. You can also dance Salsa or Bachata in a separate room.
At the Saturday night party are also a little show.  The DJs who mix your pleasant music for the social and party, are international well-known like DJ Chad, Hugo Boss, Snake etc.  Food and drinks can be bought in the stadium.

Artist and Workshop at Sweden Kizomba Festival 2019

At that festival most times you have 4-5 parallel workshops that you can join on main days Saturday and Sunday.
The artistes from Sweden like Ronie Saleh, Nima Eskandari and the organizers themselves like to attend at their festival and teach their Urban Kiz or Fusion style. They also invite various international well-know artists like Albir, Saber & Majdouline etc., but they also invite artists from USA like Audi MPK & Pamelita who you cannot meet in other European Festival yet. (2019)

Greg und Tania
Tania & Greg (organizer)

Conclusion of SKF

  • This Festival is very well organized and well loved. The gender ratio is very good for a Kizomba Festival (54% f to 46% m). 
  • Artists and DJs selection are good mixture between Swedish and really international and good artists from Europe and USA.
  • The festival location is unique in a football stadium in centre of Gothenburg. The truth should also been told, you don’t feel like you are in a stadium. There is no glass window where you see the stand or field of the stadium. There is just a door you can open to the field side in the social room, when it is too hot.

The only wish that I have is if the festival can also invite other good kizomba festival artists and DJs from Asia. The inflation of kizomba festivals also  just began in Far East Asia Japan 2015, China 2017 and Korea 2018. I think they will make this festival into a really international dance festival. This problem or wish in a general problem of the the young Kizomba Festival scene in Europe. It is focusing more Europan artists & DJ or even some local artist.

But it really does not matter for pleasant festival with good workshop, social and party in good atmosphere and vibe.