Single Festival Trip Battle Kiz in Roubiax (next Lille/France) 2020

Battle Kiz

Single Festival Trip to Battle Kiz in Roubiax (next Lille/France)

Event:  The Battle Kiz Festival 1. Edition

Venue: Salle Watremez (Adress: 9 Rue de l’Hospice, 59100 Roubaix, France)

My offer: 

  • 4 Night Mecure Grand Hotel Roubiax with Breakfast (tax)
for 225,- Euro p.P (Twin Room)
Option 1 Transport: Paris to Roubriax back
(incl. insolvery insurance EU law)  –  40.- Euro

Option 2 Transport: Frankfurt over Paris to Roubriax back 
(incl. insolvery insurance EU law) –  120,- Euro
Option 3 Guided sight seeing and support 40,- Euro

Option 4 Gathering Dinner, talking sharing experience x4:    140,- Euro
Option 5 for non EU-Contries you need a health insurance the price is depending on how many days and your age.
7,5 -35 Euro (5 Days) 

Information of the Festival

 Line up of the Festival:

🚨Djs Line up🚨

🔥Dj Saisai 🇫🇷
🔥Dj Puto X 🇫🇷
🔥Dj Snakes 🇫🇷
🔥Dj Morelasoul 🇳🇱
🔥Dj Nice life 🇳🇱
🔥Dj Lenhy 🇫🇷
🔥Dj Dameri 🇳🇱
🔥Dj Levis 🇫🇷
🔥Dj Ciano 🇱🇺
🔥Dj Mr savoir faire 🇫🇷
🔥Dj Drico 🇫🇷
🔥Dj Dee 🇫🇷
🔥Dj Lemzo 🇫🇷
🔥Dj Lil G 🇫🇷
🔥Dj Lad 🇫🇷
🔥Dj Mep da hipster 🇮🇹

✔️Sara Lopez 🇪🇸
✔️Laurent Yishu 🇫🇷
✔️Said DStreet & Macarena Paton🇫🇷🇪🇸
✔️Ledoux Dianza & Mylah Pless
✔️Davy Mafouta & Diana 🇫🇷🇱🇻
✔️Will & Yanti 🇫🇷🇨🇭
✔️William & Isa
✔️Alvin & Raluca
✔️Giusuppe & Vincenza
✔️Olga & Aleksei 🇷🇺
✔️Dossur & Shirin
✔️Andrea & Noemie LPK
✔️Mouss DKC & Antonina
✔️Mike Kiff Dance
✔️Guy Tawa
✔️Seems (Afro-Dancehall)

💯Judges of the competition💯
✔️Sara Lopez 🇪🇸
✔️Laurent Yishu 🇫🇷
✔️Macarena Paton 🇪🇸

Top 16 «Qualified and guests of the competition»

♦️2 Guest teams «Wild Card» selected by the organisation
🌟Guest competitor
🌟Guest competitor

Roubaix Town Hall


Old Stock exchange and Industrial Chamber of Commerce Lille

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